Worrying About Worrying About Worry

What is it that inspires us to worry? What are the issues you worry about? Are they things you have some level of control over or can take action about; or are they things you have no control over at all?

On the surface it might seem like the reasonable choice to worry about life when we observe what is happening in the world. As individuals, there are also the pressures of finances, bills, debt, relationships and social groups, work, and so on. We may look at our circumstances and think we have every right to be worried. And so we worry.

Does our worrying serve any useful function for overcoming the issues we worry about? It may seem obvious to most of us that the answer to that question is no. It may seem equally as obvious that worrying actually diminishes our capacity for taking action in the way we need to in order to grow and overcome challenges in our life. Which makes me wonder, if at least on a subconscious level, do we think that worrying is a way of doing something about our problems by not doing anything? Is the activity of worrying a lie we believe that we need to let go?

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