The Purpose of Communication is Connection

It may well be said that we are always communicating something. Whether verbally, through our body language, or even with our thoughts, communication is something happening all the time and unless we have completely abandoned humanity and wandered to a cave away from all people (which sounds tempting at times), we can’t escape communication.

But what is communication truly for? What is it about? Many of us would like to be skilled communicators yet in the social media world of today it seems many of us are saying what we want to say and wondering if anyone is hearing us among the masses of content.

Communication, I believe, is actually about connection, and it should start with connecting with someone before truly taking place. If there is no connection, communication likely won’t happen. Many of us might say what we want to say hoping it will attract others to connect with us, but much more likely to be successful communication is if we go where others are and ask them about themselves to first form connection.

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