Why do we say “sorry” for things we really shouldn’t be sorry for?

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry. ” – Jack Kerouac I came across this quote from the great Beat Poet of the 50s Jack Kerouac and what struck me first was the final call to “don’t be sorry.” How often do we apologize to others for things we really don’t need to be sorry about? And, why do we do that? Is it that we’re terrified of disappointing someone or not living up to their expectations? Are we afraid to truly be ourselves?

The Purpose of Communication is Connection

It may well be said that we are always communicating something. Whether verbally, through our body language, or even with our thoughts, communication is something happening all the time and unless we have completely abandoned humanity and wandered to a cave away from all people (which sounds tempting at times), we can’t escape communication. But what is communication truly for? What is it about? Many of us would like to be skilled communicators yet in the social media world of today it seems many of us are saying what we want to say and wondering if anyone is hearing us among the masses of content. Communication, I believe, is actually about connection, and it should start with connecting with someone before truly taking place. If there is no connection, communication likely won’t happen. Many of us might say what we want to say hoping it will attract others to connect…

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A mentality to have for each step you take

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Our minds can be dominated by thoughts of past and future, regrets and anxieties and fear. Walking in itself has tremendous benefits for reducing stress. It’s an activity that in essence calls us to become present with what we are doing. We may walk with the intention of getting to a particular place, but we can receive the full power of walking when we do it without a destination in mind, fully into with the present moment and using our thoughts as tools for peace. Walk as if you kissing the Earth with your feet, and cultivate deeper compassion for all life into your daily life. Your world – our world – will change.

Worrying About Worrying About Worry

What is it that inspires us to worry? What are the issues you worry about? Are they things you have some level of control over or can take action about; or are they things you have no control over at all? On the surface it might seem like the reasonable choice to worry about life when we observe what is happening in the world. As individuals, there are also the pressures of finances, bills, debt, relationships and social groups, work, and so on. We may look at our circumstances and think we have every right to be worried. And so we worry. Does our worrying serve any useful function for overcoming the issues we worry about? It may seem obvious to most of us that the answer to that question is no. It may seem equally as obvious that worrying actually diminishes our capacity for taking action in the way…

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How Having an Eye Disease Helped Me See

I was diagnosed with keratoconus, an eye-disease that misshapen the cornea within the eye, in 2003 when I attempted to get my driver’s license. Being home-educated, I was never really in a “chalkboard” kind of environment and didn’t realize there was something off about the way my eyes worked. I went to the DMV and during the eye test, the instructor said to look in the view finder and tell her what letters I saw. My response was “what letters?” and we knew something wasn’t quite right. After several back and forth trips to eye doctors and one failed attempt at prescription glasses, I was diagnosed with keratoconus. Because of the way keratoconus shapes the cornea, glasses and regular contact lenses do not provide any correction. However, I was initially prescribed gas-permeable lenses (the materially-hard kind of contact lenses), which did correct my vision pretty drastically. I was able to…

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All of Italy now under lockdown due to coronavirus

MILAN — Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte says travel restrictions and other strict public health measures will be imposed nationwide starting Tuesday to try to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Conte said Monday night that a new government decree will require people throughout the country of 60 million people to demonstrate a need to work, health conditions or other limited reasons to travel outside the areas where they live. The restrictions will take effect on Tuesday and like those in northern Italy will last until April 3, he said. Read more of this story and see what people are saying below. *BREAKING: Italy's PM Conte just put ALL of ITALY UNDER the same LOCKDOWN rules as the north. He calls it the "I STAY HOME" decree. People can only move around for work reasons (transport of essential goods), for other pressing needs, or for health reasons. Effective tomoro a.m. —…

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